Come to China and sign a contract scam


The invitation to China to sign a lucrative sales contract is a fraud scheme that has been going on for many years and a ripoff that companies sadly enough still fall victim for.

The whole idea of the scam is to convince a foreign company to pay various administration fees and gifts in order to land a very attractive sales contract with a Chinese buyer.

At first glance, it can be difficult to assess the risk of selling to a first-time customer from China. It should be imperative to screen the credibility of the Chinese buyer by requesting a business license copy for verification, check the foreign trade rights and conduct a litigation check. (read how to conduct your own free business license verification, foreign trade right check, and litigation check). Companies that are selling commodities such as meat or crops to a Chinese company should, in particular, do a comprehensive background check of the buyer and make sure that the buyer is capable of financing the final payment in a situation where commodity prices drop during the shipment to China.

If the due diligence does not raise any flags but an invitation to China to sign the contract or a request to pay a notary fee lands in your inbox then it is very likely a scam and you should walk away immediately.

How the scam works

There are two versions of the build-up to the scam but the pattern and outcome are the same.

Version 1

A Chinese company sends out unsolicited emails to mostly small and medium-size companies to inquire about product/service and the price. After having received a quotation, the Chinese company will express interesting in placing a substantial order and very often without any attempt to negotiate the price. The Chinese company will then send a purchase agreement that confirms the order size, products/services and payment terms (normally from 30% up to 50% prepayment). Everything looks great until the foreign company is invited to China to sign the purchase contract face to face with nobody else than the CEO. The Chinese company asks for a passport number, name, travel dates etc to issue a formal invitation letter as documentation for visa application.

Version 2

In the second version the Chinese company contacts a foreign company and asks them to host a travel or business event for 100 to 300 people. The Chinese company asks for a quotation that covers expenses for accommodation, meal, travel and other services. The offer is accepted with no hesitations and the Chinese company replies with an agreement that must be signed in China.

How the ripoff works

The foreign company does not want to miss the fantastic deal and sends somebody to China to sign the contract. In China, the foreign company representative meets the CEO and other high-level management and is asked to pay for dinner expenses and buy a gift to the CEO who takes the final decision on the deal (often an expensive gift made of gold). The foreign company representative is also asked to pay a fee for notarization of the purchase contract and other “mandatory” administration fees to for example China Customs. The whole set-up is a fraud. After having returned home from China, the foreign company NEVER receives a prepayment or hears from the Chinese company again.

The notary public fee

Companies that rejects the invitation to China will still be met with the demand of paying a notary public fee. The expense can be a fixed fee of anything from 1000USD up to 10,000USD or a fee that is 0.3% of the contract value. Some companies will try to deduct the fee by lowering the sales price but the Chinese company will insist on the fee and suggest that the fee is split 50/50 to give the impression of flexibility and fairness. When that is said, it is important to emphasize that notarizing a purchase contract in China is complete nonsense and not required by law at all.

Example of a fake receipt for a notary public fee. A formal receipt or Chinese “fapiao” from a notarization office would normally carry much more details such as a tax identification code and would not be handwritten.

Who are the companies behind the scam?

Companies behind the “come to China and sign a contract scam” have a relatively short lifetime of 1 to 2 years. Companies that were active in this fraud scheme 2 to 4 years ago are now dissolved, inactive or had the business license revoked. However, new companies with exactly the same intentions are registered again and again.

Here is a list of companies that are reported active in 2017/2018.


Company Name (EN) Shaanxi FengQin Trade Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 陕西风沁商贸公司
Business license 91610133MA6URX8E8L
Establishment Date 29th of March 2018
Legal Representative Yang Li Jun (杨立军)
Address Address No.369 North of Taihua Road Weiyang District Xian City China . Pc .710016
Office Phone 86-29-68568356
Mobile Phone 86-17039092007 86-18229097364
Contact person Betsy, Betty or Helen
Company Name (EN) Yunnan Zhouyun Import & Export Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 云南周韵进出口贸易有限公司
Business license 91530100MA6KCWYC37
Establishment Date 7th of March 2017
Legal Representative 郑国芹
Address 云南省昆明经济技术开发区云大西路39号新兴产业孵化区A幢7楼7319号”
Office Phone 86-871-63852259
Mobile Phone 86-18313890965, 86-15198853509, 86-15687892921
Contact person Zhu Yonfu, Haidong Chen, Yu Mo, Zhu Changshun
Website N/A
Company Name (EN) Henan Changxu Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 河南长旭进出口贸易有限公司
Business license 91410100MA44ETBC14
Establishment Date 27th of September 2017
Legal Representative 黄哲锋
Address 22 Dongfeng Road Jinshui District Zhengzhou City China.
Status Abnormal Business Operation
Office Phone 86-371-56051299 or 86-371-56051299
Mobile Phone
Contact person
Website (not working)
Company Name (EN) Xi’an Yaoke Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 西安耀科进出口贸易有限公司
Business license 91610132351711250L
Establishment Date 19th of August 2015
Legal Representative 许朝光
Address NO.25, Dianzi ZhengJie Dong Sanxiang, Xi’an, China 
Status Abnormal
Office Phone 0086-29-63625416, 0086-29-63625418
Mobile Phone 0086-18292677278, 0086-15929907719
Contact person Honglin Fan  Xu Chao Guang (许朝光)
Company Name (EN) Shaanxi Suofu Trade Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 陕西索富贸易
Business license 91610104MA6TX56C4R
Establishment Date 11th of November 2015
Legal Representative Hu Zong Ying (胡宗营)
Status In operation, abnormal business operation
Office Phone 86-022-60771556
Mobile Phone
Contact person Jack Wang
Company Name (EN) Yunnan Gaosai Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 云南高赛进出口贸易有限公司 
Business license 91530103MA6K4UBP40
Establishment Date 11th of March 2016
Legal Representative Yi Zhong (易钟)
Address No.17,Jinshi Residential Quarter, Panlong District, Kunming City, China
Status Business license revoked
Office Phone 0086-0871-65127808
Mobile Phone 0086-18687527169
Contact person Ming Yu, Liu Yifang
Company Name (EN) Shaanxi Tengyu Imp & Exp. Co., Ltd. 
Company Name (CN) 陕西腾宇进出口有限公司 
Business license 91610112MA6TXKRG18
Establishment Date 24th of February 2016
Legal Representative Zheng Bao Guo (郑保国)
Address 陕西省西安市未央区明光路龙府北郡腾龙阁19幢2单元501
Status Business license revoked
Office Phone
Mobile Phone 0086-13571997872
Contact person Meng Xiang Li
Company Name (EN) Xi`An Blessing Wide Trading Co., Ltd
Company Name (CN) 西安福阔商贸有限公司 
Business license 91610131MA6U18MN0F
Establishment Date 13th of January 2017
Legal Representative An YIng Chun (安迎春)
Address Jinqiao International Plaza, Building 1, Room 31009, NO.50 Keji Rd,Gaoxin District,Xi´an,Shaanxi,China 
Status Business license revoked
Office Phone 86-29-63336915
Mobile Phone 0086-13571997872
Contact person Frank, Luo Ming (罗鸣) Yin Ren Ling (殷任灵)
Company Name (EN) Xi`An Bei Ao Trading Co., Ltd. 
Company Name (CN)  西安北奥商贸有限公司 
Business license 91610131MA6TYGTR9J
Establishment Date 28th of July 2016
Legal Representative Zhu Xiao Li 朱小莉
Address Shaanxi, Xi´an Gaoxin District, Tangyan Nan Road, 3rd Block, No 1, 18th Floor 
Status Abnormal operation
Office Phone
Mobile Phone
Contact person Mu Huan Huan ( 穆欢欢)
Company Name (EN) Shaanxi Guangda Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Company Name (CN) 陕西广达电力设备工程有限公司
Business license 91610133MA6U61238R
Establishment Date 27th of June
Legal Representative Li Ping Zhang (李平章)
Address No.2 Fu Rong South Road, Qu Jiang New District, Xi´an City 
Status Active
Office Phone 0086-29-88453511
Mobile Phone 0086-15829629823, 0086-13619296713
Contact person Mr. Zhang Liang, Mr Sun Jinfa, Liu Jia Mei ( 刘加美)
Company Name (EN) Xi’an Qing Xian Lv Trading Co., Ltd (related to Nuolang, see this report)
Company Name (CN)
Business license
Establishment Date
Legal Representative
Office Phone 0086-29-62329368, 0086-29-61857812
Mobile Phone
Contact person Judy, Betty
Company Name (EN) Xi’an Nuolang Trading Co., Ltd (read a comprehensive investigation)
Company Name (CN) 西安诺朗贸易有限公司
Business license 91610133MA6UQ9X955
Establishment Date 22nd of January 2018
Legal Representative Yang Shao Rong (杨少荣)
Address No. 10 Rong Xin Road, Gao Xin District, Xi’an City
Status Active
Office Phone +86-2963035040,+86-2963035041,+86-2963035043, +86-2963641393
Mobile Phone
Contact person Judy, Betty, Wang Hai Ping (王海平)

4 thoughts on “Come to China and sign a contract scam

  1. Can you add this company to the list.

    China Yunnan Investment Group Co., Ltd.
    My phone number is: +86-871-65726556
    Look forward to your reply.
    Mr. Guoliang Liu

    BENEFICIARY NAME: ZHONGRUI LIN(first name is: ZHONGRUI, last name is: LIN,)
    Tel: +86-871-65726556
    Address: Middle Tuodong Road, kunming, yunnan, china.

    You can also continue to remit to the previous account, the account is as follows:
    Beneficiary name: LIN ZHONGRUI
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6217852700007846189
    BANK CODE:104731009013


    1. Thanks for your comment. is the website of Yunnan Investment Gropu and I don’t think that the company is involved in the contract signing scam.
      Yunnan investment group is a huge state-owned company directly controlled
      by State-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government.
      Registered capital is approximately CNY 23 billion and the Yunnan Investment Group owns shares in close to 500 companies.
      The 11 registered key staff member all have a CCP background.

      However, your information of beneficiary name and the bank account was reported as a fraud two years ago in this forum:

      Apparently, the fraudster claims to represent a legitimate company but the bank account is a private account and not a corporate account.
      That says everything.


      1. Good Morning. Yes this was how we were deceived as we were under the impression it was a large company. We visited them in Kunming and signed a contract, and was not aware of this scam till after paying them the money.

        I have the photos of the fraudsters if I can forward these to you so others may be aware. It appears that they have been operating this scam for a few years now.



      2. Hi Bruce, I’m sorry to hear that you were victim to this scam. You are welcome to forward photos and copies of business cards with their Chinese name to me. I would gladly try to look up if they have been convicted in China before. Please send any information you have to


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